Alvin Joe Gardiner Will Be Explosive in Europe- Mamadou Bobo Djaló

The city of Tema has produced some incredible players over the years alongside Thomas Partey of arsenal, Joseph Painstil of Geng and many more. Alvin Joe Gardiner is the latest talent from their conveyor belt. Joe Gardiner is considered one of the brightest prospects in Ghana. The 17-year-old is a prolific baller at Tema City, and mamadou Bobo djalo former fc Porto,Boavista Portugal national team legend and scout of chelsea had given us insight why Alvin Joe Gardiner will be explosive in Europe. Alvin Joe Gardiner will be very explosive in Europe- Mamadou Bobo Djaló Position: central midfielder, attacking midfielder, right winger and Leftback Similar type of player : Yusuf Yazici   Strengths: – passing :Very good – vision :Very good – creativity :Very good – technique :Very good – ball control :Very good – pace :Good – versatility Very good – dribbling :Very good – crossing :Very good – first touch:Good – tackling :

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