Eric Mends the man behind Adebayor, Samuel Owusu and Mr. Boateng, the father of kelvin and Jerome Boateng’s tribute to the Apam town drown victims

The capital of the Gomoa West District in the Central Region has been thrown into a state of mourning after 12 teenagers who went to have fun at the beach last Sunday got drowned.
“The bodies of 12 children who drowned in the sea at Apam in Ghana’s coastal Central Region have been retrieved, local media reported on Tuesday.

Two more children have been found alive, according to news channel Adom TV. 

Authorities believe a group of at least 20 children, aged between 14 and 17, were swept away by strong waves while swimming at a beach in Apam, capital of the Gomoa West District, on Sunday evening.

Mr Eric Mensah popularly known as Eric mends, a native from the town used his sports personality to gather a powerful tribute from footballers across the world to say a word of solidarity to the families of the affected victims. In the tribute video were great footballers in the person of Mr Emmanuel Adebayor, Ghana national team player Samuel Owusu the father of Jerome and Prince Boateng were also in the video to share a word for the affected families. Mr. Mends has been one of the few people from the town who are doing a lot to help the victims of affected families. He also planned a night Virgil to commemorate the sad event but unfortunately it was canceled due to covid 19 restrictions. Link to the tribute video

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