Manchester City Ghana supporters president Mr Eric Tawiah Mensah offered to words of encouragement to the Ghana supporters chapter

Manchester City Ghana supporters president Mr Eric Tawiah Mensah popularly known as Eric Mends in the media space, has a special message for his Manchester City supporters base in Ghana to be optimistic and take solidarity in their champions league final loss to Chelsea football club last week, He said the fans should know that Rome wasn’t built in a day and even been in the final of the champions league is an achievement for the club, A club that was fighting relegation battle a few years back has grown to match this achievement then we should take a know there are better things ahead of us, He further told the fans to take this loss in a good faith and take into consideration how far they have come in this season winning the premier league and carabao cup, we are citizens and we live to fight another day he stated,
Manchester City Ghana supporters have grown from the past years till date, the group can boost of 301 official registered members and 423 general members, they have been one of the best supporters groups in Ghana currently, having organised a lot of charity work and other educative programs, have been recognised by the mother club and been given certificates of recognition the group have been receiving a lot of souvenirs from the mother club,

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