Rivaldo: Koeman will need some time to introduce his methods

Ronald Koeman looks set to become the new coach of Barcelona and Rivaldo believes that this can be a good appointment.

However, the Brazilian urged for some patience as he believes it will take some time for the new boss’ way of working to bring success.

“I worked with Koeman when I was playing for Barcelona and he was Louis van Gaal’s assistant coach, so I know the new boss very well,” Rivaldo said in his latest Betfair column.

“Besides being a successful player for Barcelona and a good person, Koeman learned a lot from the managers he worked with as an assistant.

“He’s done solid work at some clubs and more recently now as manager of the Netherlands national team, so I think he is a good fit for Barcelona.

“Of course, there will be a huge responsibility on his shoulders and he’ll need some time to introduce his methods

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