Lampard seeks to right the wrongs with Thiago’s signing

Thiago Silva is revered as one of the technically gifted defenders in the modern era, a move to AC Milan accompanied with spectacular performances rapidly made Thiago a household name.

A.C Milan due to financial struggles had to sell two of their prized assets notably Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva. Fans of Milan admit selling the player was one of the low points in the history of the club, this attest to the quality and defines the legend of the Brazilian centre back.

After 8 successful years with PSG, winning plethora of trophies and capping it off with appearance in the Uefa champions league final Thiago’s time with the Parisien club in fairness was a successful one. Having bid farewell to PSG the next chapter of his life will be spent at Chelsea F.C, medical test will be done today and upon completion will sign a two year deal with the club.

The question I guess is on the mind of football fans is what the hell is Chelsea doing with a 35yr old but believe you me this could be one of the best business ever made by lampard. After conceding over 60 goals in the just ended season questions were asked in relation to Chelsea’s defence, Zouma, Rudiger, Christiansen apart from youngster Tomori had a mediocre season. Lampard had to tweak his centre back pairing through out the season due to their below par performance and tendency of being inconsistently inconsistent. Chelsea have to be partly blame for their woes, allowing Gary Cahill and David Luiz to leave in the same transfer window I must say was a bit suicidal, one may argue they were past thier best which I will second but we cannot discard the rich experience assembled by the two in the last decade. Keeping one would have been okay, at least you are assured of defensive leadership and vocal presence something Chelsea is currently missing.

Lampard is seeking to rewrite the wrongs with the signing of Thiago Silva, though is a huge gamble I believe it is the best of moves to make at the moment especially coming as a free agent and the rich vein of experience he offers in this short term.

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